Artist Winner for The Big Splash WA!

Creating Awareness for Mental Health in Children and Youth

Did you know that mental health is one of the top three most important issues for young Western Australians?

According to The Big Splash WA, four times as many young people now present to Emergency Departments with mental health crises and issues, including repeated self-injury and attempted suicide compared to only five years ago.

Mental health issues in children and youth is something we rarely talk about, let alone acknowledge. Because of this, there has been a tremendous lack in resources and research for our younger generation to help surpass and shift feelings of guilt, shame and low self worth. It’s time for change!

“Clinical experts are telling us that early intervention is critical, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation has joined with the clinical experts at Perth Children’s Hospital and Wild in Art to create The Big Splash WA.” – The Big Splash WA.

Having studied Community Services and working with youth and children from diverse walks of life, I am incredibly passionate about supporting the growth and enhanced quality of life in our youth!

My Mental Health Journey

As you may have guessed, I am passionate about children. I don’t have any of my own, apart from the furry and feathered kind, but I love to entertain and make people smile. In fact, I have decided that this if my life’s mission and purpose. In fact, I discovered my first true love for children was when I visited India in 2012.

For several years I used to struggle with my mental health on and off. I remember staying in bed for full days with my cat, not being able to move. Experiencing panic attacks, feeling worthless and unable to clearly speak my truth about how I felt, came in heavy waves. I felt trapped. It was a feeling of total isolation and loneliness, even though I had all the support I could ever wish for, if only I had the courage to just reach out.

The mind can really work in its own, elusive ways.

Being a performer, this kind of head trickery was rather conflicting to the outside world. I always came off being so energetic, eccentric and excited on stage. I held a high standard and I was also fearful that people would see ‘the real me’ and perhaps see me as not being ‘strong’, if I were to share how I felt.

(A few years ago – a blessed moment with my dear friend Laula and ‘Johnny The Time Machine’)

It’s A New Day

These days, my life is very different. One day, just over 2 years ago, decided to put my creative forces together and create something completely different. That’s how Betty Bubbles was born. I haven’t looked back since.

Through art, meditation, cutting out processed foods and sugar, incorporating dance, contribution and discipline, my life has been completely flipped downside up! It’s been a long journey, but gratitude has been my saviour, along with all the beautiful people in my life.

Listening to my heart and focusing on my values have been crucial guiding lights in my life.

Time To Share and Empower!

I am so excited to share that I have been selected to share my vision through my art! This is a great honour and I can’t wait to get cracking. This week I pick up my huge 2 meter long dolphin and the magic will begin! Over the next four weeks, I will be painting a giant dolphin for The Big Splash WA!! Woohoo!!

My artist name throughout the process will be Black Betty, so stay tuned for news and updates, either here on Betty Bubbles or

Once all the dolphins are finished, there will be an art trail through the city to explore all the facets and the various journeys and courage of mental health. I can’t wait!

Finally, My Vision

To travel the world, share the love through art, bubbles and compassion! Next step – India! To be continued 😉

Reach out, speak up and love yourself truly, madly and deeply.

I dare you to be different!

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“Life lover and Performer

— Betty Bubbles

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