Betty Bubbles

Betty Bubbles
Performer & Life Lover


Originally from Europe, this Scandinavian performer, blogger, traveller and entrepreneur is currently residing in Perth, Western Australia, with experience in various performing arts, creative endeavours and working with children.

Betty Bubbles draws her inspiration from living a rich and full creative life, living with her partner, three cats and five chickens in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. Betty loves playing music to her animals and living vibrantly through nourishing her mind and body with good food and meditation practices.

Betty’s main role model is the wonderful clown doctor, Patch Adams, who travels the world and brings smiles everywhere he goes. Betty Bubbles believes that a real clown can both empathise and bring the gift of light and love to any given circumstance or situation, even in challenging times. She hopes to meet and work alongside Patch Adams one day and learn from the Doctor himself!


– Trained and Qualified Bubbleologist by Dr Froth (Perth)

– Completed Clowning Workshop with Hardy the Clown (Perth)

– Playgroup Facilitator, Minnawarra House (Perth)

– Youth Workshop Facilitator in Cartoon Drawing, Armadale Arts Festival 2017 (Perth)

– Perth Zoo Dream night (Volunteer Bubbleology for PMH) 2017

– Light Up Leederville Festival 2015

– Fremantle Street Arts Festival 2011

– Kindergarten support worker 2008 (Copenhagen)

(The whole list would go on and on and on and…)

Recently teaming up with the wonderbubble Dr. Froth and his bubbleologists in Perth WA, Betty Bubbles can perform several different bubble activities and tricks, catering to events large and small, including After School Care, Football Teams, Perth Zoo, Festivals, Markets, Charity Events, Daycares, Birthdays and pretty much any event you can think of. For more information about bubbles and what that’s all about, you can click here.

Betty Bubbles has travelled extensively around the world including visiting the holy Ganges in Varanasi, India, canoeing the humid jungle of The Amazon in South America, frolicking through the wonderful, ancient streets in Paris, Berlin and London in Europe, Skiing in Scandinavia, walking through tranquil rice fields in Asia and geeking it up at Comic Con in USA. Betty loves meeting new people, trying new things and going beyond her own limitations to expand her awareness and to learn about different cultures, worlds and minds.

Besides being a bit of a multitasking life loving maniac, Betty loves to face paint and hang out with kids. Betty believes that kids teach us how to find our way back to our hearts. Betty Bubbles is a self taught face painter and has sought business and body paint guidance from one of Australia’s leading face and body painters ‘Suedy’ at Juicy Body Art in Melbourne.

Betty Bubbles has a current Working With Children Check and is fully insured by Duck For Cover Entertainers Group. To learn more, you can get in touch with Betty Bubbles here.

Live life passionately, give back to others and keep sharing the love!


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