Smokey Mountain and Giant Bubbles


Smokey Mountain and Giant Bubbles

The Inner Journey

Smokey Mountain was such a big journey and I never actually thought I would be sharing my story on my website. After all, my intention was for this space to be only about kids entertainment, fun and uplifting things.

I didn’t want to share anything too deep on here, with the fear that it may scare some people away. Who knows why I had that thought really, because it’s now that I realise more than ever, that our stories matter, our true stories matter. They make us who we are.

Through telling our story, we have the chance to connect deeper with others, from our heart and transcend our experiences.

Loss and Grief

Earlier this year, my brother passed away quite suddenly. A few months prior to Martin passing away, I was driving him and my nephew to the airport to fly back to Manila, after a little visit in Perth.

As we were driving, I shared my big dream of travelling the world to blow giant bubbles in places where children wouldn’t usually get anything close to that kind of experience. Places that are so forgotten by the rest of us, isolated or just down right too hard to imagine.

I had always looked up to my brother as a kid, as I guess most siblings do, so getting his nod of approval would totally make me pee my pants. I was so excited that he wanted to hear all about it.

Martin loved it. My big brother, loved my idea, I was completely stoked.

Not only that, he said that I could borrow his GoPro to document the whole thing. He even suggested that I start in the Philippines, where he’d been based for several years. ‘Lots of kids need it there!’ He said.

Taking the Leap

In early May, I traveled to Philippines to visit my nephew of 7 yrs old and his mother.

I only had 2 weeks there, but I really liked the idea of blowing bubbles somewhere in the Philippines. Smokey Mountain just seemed like the perfect place.

Sabrina from, explains it best on her blog right here. I have asked to use one of her images in this post, so all credit must go to her for her amazing but deeply concerning images. To see the real deal of Smokey Mountain, please check out her awesome website. (I would post one of her incredible images, but I am still waiting for approval).

Trash Absolutely Everywhere!

I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing, it was almost surreal. I could clearly see the layers of trash from the car as we drove towards the mountain. Trash – maybe dirt – trash – maybe dirt – trash.

Hot, stinky, sweaty and no running water and the smell of burning plastic and rubbish, filling the air with toxic smoke. Over 200 families live here.

This is one of those places I mentioned earlier.

Stopping Time

So with Martins gifted GoPro and the giant bubble wand, we got ready to blow the biggest bubbles ever seen, for these amazing, brave little souls. Thanks to Danah, we were able to supply some food and water as well.

These children are so beautiful and it was incredibly sad to witness the situation. Children are our greatest mentors when we become adults, they teach us to live from our hearts.

As I am still working on the footage from the trip, the best I have for now is the short snippet below. Words can’t describe what was felt that day.

But I can tell you right now, there was a helluva lot of joy and laughter that I can’t wait to share with you all!

So I can really see now that my ‘batshit crazy idea’ of blowing bubbles on Smokey Mountain, maybe wasn’t so crazy after all. The experience made me realise that no matter how much we do, it will never seem enough.

It’s so important that we shine our unique light in this world. There are people out there who need us exactly the way we are.

This is to remind you out there reading my blog to follow your heart. Always.

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