Giant Bubbles

Quite possibly the biggest bubbles you have ever seen!

Time literally stands still when Betty Bubbles works her bubble magic.

Betty Bubbles’s passion for sharing this dreamy and vibrant artform with everyone she encounters, lead her into the wonderful realm of Dr Froth and his famous Bubble Performers at Bubbly.life.

Professionally Trained by The Best

Betty Bubbles has been professionally and personally trained by Dr Froth, which has enabled her to deliver to most outstanding quality of bubble shows, performances and tricks that you have ever seen in Perth, Western Australia.

Dr Froth is possibly the most innovative Bubbleologist in the world, having written a PhD in Bubbleosophy which inspires and educates in multiple sectors including personal, entertainment and business related topics.

Having travelled both rurally and internationally with Bubbly, Betty Bubbles is sure to deliver an incredible and mesmerizing time at any event.

Bubbles Around America 2018

Betty Bubbles recently arrived back home in Perth WA after travelling through America, blowing some of the biggest and most beautiful bubbles ever seen, in some of the most incredible places!

We invite you to take a quick look below to get an idea of how amazing these Monster Bubbles really are.

Time Is Of The Essence

Betty Bubbles believes that in order for us to truly enjoy fulfilling lives full of gratitude, it’s absolutely necessary to take the time to ‘stop’ and ‘observe’.

Time Melts Away With Bubbles.

Observing and relaxing into what is around us in our current environment, brings us home to the moment of Now. Bubbles is exactly that tool for Betty Bubbles, both incorporating sense of touch and vision, art and comedy.

As you watch Betty’s amazing bubbles, you will gain a deep sense of timelessness and wonder which awakens the child within.

External Bubble Manager

To enable Betty Bubbles at being the creative force of energy she is, all her bubble bookings are personally managed and handled by the team at www.bubbly.life, which is owned by Dr Froth and Queen Bubbly.

Contacting Bubbly directly, makes it easier for you as a potential client for a fast and reliable service.

To learn more about the perfect bubble package for your next event, please click here to speak to the team at Bubbly.life.

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