Childcare Centre Incursion

Childcare Centre Incursion

Fun, Sensory, Creative and Exploratory

Bubbles are a wonderful way for toddlers and young children to help develop and explore fine & gross motor skills, visual tracking skills, hand/eye coordination, sensory processing skills and oral motor skills.

The Betty & Barbara Show Incursion

Watch as the children immerse themselves in a world of fun, story and bubbles with Betty Bubbles latest show, The Betty & Barbara Show! Find out how Betty’s funky monkey sidekick, Barbara, met the magical bubble genie and turned into a chicken!

A story and experience loved by both kids and adults!

Storytelling, live music and live audience interaction for all ages!

The Betty & Barbara Show Incursion runs for a total of 45 mins which also includes an outdoor bubble immersion activity for young children, where the kids get to blow their own bubbles!

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