Giant Bubbles – What Is It All About?


What is it all about?

Giant Bubbles, Dr Froth and Bubbleology!

‘Giant Bubbles?’ you ask? I get that questions all the time 🙂 I thought it was time that I posted a bit more about it!

‘So what do you do exactly?’ – ‘I blow giant bubbles!’

It’s hard to imagine or even comprehend, isn’t it? I remember being so fascinated by bubbles as a child, spending hours in my nan and grandad’s garden in Kent, England, blowing bubbles, watching their shapes and colours float into the air.

Never did I imagine that I would become a bubble performer after all these years. And it’s all thanks to imaginative and innovative thinker and creator, Dr Froth. Here’s a little documentary about Dr Froth and Bubbleology, it’s truly incredible and will give you a wholehearted feel and insight into giant bubbles and what we do:

Here’s a little Q & A to help answer some questions you may have about our bubble shows, however, I do encourage you get in touch if you have any other questions.

A Bit About Our Wonderbubble Bubble Mix

It’s taken 21 yrs to perfect Dr Froth’s world class bubble mix which we use for our wonderbubble bubble shows in Australia and around the world. It’s also the safest eco-friendly mix for your skin, your kids and the planet. It’s not like the dishwashing liquid you have at home, our mix is specifically created for giant bubbles and bubble shows.

What Do We Do With Bubbles?

We believe that bubbles make the world a brighter place. We cater to almost any event you can think of! here’s a few to get the bubble floating:

  • Daycares
  • Vacation Cares
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Festivals

charming little girl sitting on the ground

People in Bubbles/Kids in Bubbles: There are many extraordinary things we do with bubbles, one of my favourite activities is putting adults and kids into real giant soap bubbles! The expression is absolutely priceless when I get to send someone off in their own little bubble, but don’t worry – you will remain grounded!

Monster Bubbles: We also blow Monster Bubbles which are the biggest bubbles you will ever see in your entire life! Watch the bubbles float into the air or try and pop them with your hands! An extraordinary visual attraction for any outdoor event.

Giant Bubble Blowing Activity: This is an activity that caters to up to 40 people at a time, so it’s really great for big, outdoor, events. Everyone can have a go and is adored by big and small kids, yes, I am pointing at the adults too!

Bubble Play Day: This educational early learning activity is a combo of Kids in Bubbles and Giant Bubble Blowing Activity. The activity runs for 45 mins total and is especially suitable for the very young ones (0-12 yrs). Bubble Play Day is not only awesome fun and visually incredible but is also specifically created to enhance the cognitive function and motor skills in our little ones.

Bubble Academy: A trio of Bubble Science (Fun-damentals), Bubble Math (Generative Geometry) and Bubble Art (Creating Canvasses), this activity is perfect for kids aged 6-12 yrs. Bubble Academy is simply the coolest hands-on bubble science and art incursion for school aged kids. The sessions are jam-packed, utterly amazing, crazy-fun and genuinely mind-blowing!

Big Bubbly Birthday Party: Create an extraordinary memorable birthday experience with bubbles! All guests get to go inside real giant soap bubbles AND blow the biggest bubbles of their lives! caters up to 30 people. 

What Do We Charge?

Prices vary depending on the activity, so all the activities above are linked to the website to make life a little easier. Simply click the activity and you will be guided into the right direction. There are also more images and information when you click the links too. Always feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have! I would love to help!

(Image by the incredible Luke Holland)

Hopefully, this answers many of your questions! I always suggest that you book your entertainment about 20-30mins after guest arrival time to ensure everyone has settled. Make sure you book well in advance as well!

Click here to get in touch now.

I have also made a little checklist for you right here to help make your birthday planning a little easier.

Have a great week everyone and happy bubbling!

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