NEW! Wall Murals

Now offering wonderful, hand-painted Wall Murals to make your children’s bedroom unique and magical!


Or how about your favourite inspirational quote in your own bedroom, lounge room or hallway to remind you of your goals, achievements and dreams. No dream is too big and sometimes we need reminders to keep us in check and full of that beautiful life force.


These are the early days of my current side hustle dream! A bit of magic to create and share, while my daughter is in daycare.
My styles are varied, but my heart is looking for spaces that need uplifting, bright art, perhaps with your favourite inspirational quote to keep you moving towards imagination, your goals, and dreams.
Kids rooms, studies, lounge rooms, kitchens, wherever.
At the moment my cost will be minimal to cover costs, travel and some of my time.


Although murals are somewhat new to me, I have done a few pieces here and there, the latest one being a piece in my daughter’s room.
I am no stranger to the creative arts and have had comics published over East, I have painted and drawn since I can remember and I have been a face painter in Perth for years.
Here’s some of my work from over the years, some are fun, some are of a darker nature, some are bright and imaginative and some I consider intuitive.
As I mentioned, I will charge a minimal fee for the first couple of walls to build up my portfolio. I always sketch my ideas and show you before the paint hits the wall! You’ll always know what you are signing up for – being on the same page is paramount 😊❤️
Message me below for more information and to have a chat about your next beautiful art project!


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