Bambi the Brave and Rosie the Chicken Goddess

It’s been a very wet and wild weekend and our pet chicken, Bambi, is recovering in front of the fire place.

My partner and I love our animals. We have chickens, cats and now ducks as well! So when anyone asks me if I have kids of my own, I always tell them that I have PLENTY of kids at home! besides all the cool kids I hang out with on my ventures of course! 😉

Our beautiful chicken, Bambi, is nestled in front of the fire place this morning, recovering from feeling very poorly over the last few days and even weeks.

Bambi is very cuddly by nature, but when my friend Lali picked her up Friday morning, something just wasn’t right! My partner and I weren’t too sure if she was going to make it, but lo and behold, she is hanging in there! Eating, drinking and resting. Man, it’s hard to know when chicken’s don’t feel well, they rarely show it. She’s been puffing herself up all this time, creating the illusion of a big, beautiful, fat, healthy chicken. We love her so much, and it’s really given me a kick in the backside to work on my chicken song, so I can play it for her!

Here’s a picture of Bambi in ruddy fine form last year. She’s a hardcore rock and roller herself! Go Bambi you beautiful beast!

I can spend several hours, sitting outside, petting our chickens and listening to the ducks. I watch the cats as the lay about, doing their cat thing, flat out gazing at the sun.

Animals nurture us and whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, beside myself or out of touch with my heart space, I can sit outside and watch our pets go about their daily business in their own perfectly natural way. It brings me home.

Sitting with Bambi these last few days has been, I won’t lie, a bit sad but also very heart opening. I see her grow stronger and stronger every day, so I really hope and wish that it keeps going!

On Friday night, the vet asked us the BIG question, what we wanted to do (you can imagine what the options were! it wasn’t pretty 🙁 ). She couldn’t guarantee that Bambi would get any better. But something inside me just wanted to give it go. She’s been such a loyal, egg laying, awesome chicken! At the very least, she deserves Queen treatment at Casa De La Relaxo regardless of what is to come next. My partner and I are determined to give her the best and most comfortable time here at home.

Here’s a picture of Rosie, our kick-ass Bantem! every night, she leaps into the trees to get a good nights rest! It’s not an easy feat, every single day she paces back and forth, talking to herself, revving herself up to take the leap. She even does a little ‘anxiety’ poo before letting it rip into the open space, flapping her wings with determination warrior goddess strength!

This visual was captured on a mobile phone by my awesome partner. One could easily ask.. is it a UFO, an ALIEN OR a CHICKEN??

Off she goes. She’s got some Dutch courage right there!

Our pets give us so much.

So cheers to you Bambi! keep it up las, you got this! Cheers to all the pets and animal guides in our lives that make our life such a joy!

Do you have any pets and what is your story?


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