Birthday Party Ideas & How To Engage Your Guests


Planning your little ones next birthday party can get incredibly overwhelming to say the least.

You may have an idea and vision, but sometimes it’s hard to make it all come together. Especially when there are high expectations and you want to do do something that’s heaps of fun for the kids, but also maybe quirky and different.

It’s time to think outside of the box!

Invites, cake ideas, fun activities and how to best organize your next birthday party, is something which I think about a lot, especially how to make life easier for the event organizers! (YOU!)

What I have observed is, that parents out there put so much effort and love into their child’s birthday party, You don’t want the party to just be good, you want it to be PERFECT!

Although the birthday party is for your child, you want to involve all guests who attend, including the adults (The kids get a kick out of this, trust me! Especially if the parents are not expecting it!).

There’s no better party than one where everyone is involved and having an awesome time! Here are some fun ideas to engage your guests at your kid’s next birthday party!

Birthday Party Themes


Here are some great and easy ideas to get your birthday planning mojo cranking for your next event! Remember to have fun while you explore this creative side of yourself and your kids!


Animal themes are great for birthday parties and can be easily done with face painting, a classic activity which is always popular with the kids!

Whether your child is fond of foxes, lions or monkeys, face painting is a brilliant way to incorporate an animal-themed birthday party. Face painting is an excellent way to show creativity, engage guests and make some incredible memorable photographs for years to come!


Bubbles, everyone loves them, why? Because they are incredibbuble!

Which kids doesn’t love running around and popping thousands of bubbles or watching amazing tricks that can be done with bubbles by a professional bubbleologist? Hiring a bubbleologist is the perfect way to “wow” your guests of all ages!

Visually stunning, great for photos and highly interactive, your party will be the party of the decade!



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Being a massive traveler myself, I really adore this theme.

You can incorporate education and fun simultaneously, within your child’s birthday party. Have the kids play games that allow them to travel around the world and learn different facts regarding the culture of the various countries.

You can also incorporate exciting foods from different countries and have flags face painted on your kids faces!


Dress ups are always fun!

Invite all of your guests to dress up as their favourite game or movie character and enjoy the entertainment as people act out as their idols!

Betty Bubbles Party Planning Tips:

To round things off nicely, it’s time to tick off some party planning boxes. Here’s a list below to help your process along a little bit!

1. Take the Time to Plan

Planning is an essential part of throwing a party.

Planning and writing lists helps you go a long without the possibility of turning into a freak machine! The more organised you are, the better chance you have of your event going as planned.

It’s a good idea to start planning at least one month in advance. Planning this early ahead gives you plenty of time to get organized.

From a professional performers point of view, here’s a list on how to prioritize for your next party:

  • Hire your desired performer (This should be top priority, as good performers always book out fast!)
  • Set a date
  • Set a time
  • Find the perfect location (venue hire, park space, restaurant, grandma’s house?)
  • Catering or Homemade?
  • Send invitations!!

2. Food and Beverage Tips

When you are ready to consider food and drinks for the party, think about your guests above all else.

Some of your guests may be vegetarian or allergic to certain foods, so I have created a post with some nifty alternative cake ideas!

Some things may also easier to outsource than to make, such as cakes and finger foods. The aim is to have light meals instead of serving a full-course meal.

The more work you can delegate to others – the more time and fun you can have with your family and child throughout the process!

3. Have Fun!

Parties are meant to be enjoyed by everyone and there is no fun in feeling stressed out and letting your cortisol levels have their own party!

Hire a professional entertainer to spark up the party and maintain the happiness of your guests! There is nothing better than professional, live entertainment so your guests feel taken care of.

It’s always best to chat with your desired entertainer straight away, so you can secure the best quality entertainment for your party in a timely manner.

I hope this sparks some creative flow for your next party! If you have any questions, just drop a comment below 🙂 I would love to hear from you!


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