5 Undeniably Brilliant Birthday Cakes for Kids!

Every parent knows that a birthday party is a special time for a child, and you want your child and party guests to have the best time of their lives. A few different components help make up the best birthday party or special gathering. Feeling a bit lost for ideas or inspiration? Read on to learn more about these components and how to give your child the best celebration ever which will have guests talking for weeks! GO MUM AND DAD!

Component #1 — The Cake

The cake is the primary component in hosting a successful celebration. Whether you want a cake that is big and flashy or small and cute, there are several DIY cakes that you can make without having to empty your wallet on a single cake. Even though you may be a busy parent, like many of us are, these cakes are extremely easy to make and will not consume all of your time. Here are five cakes that are certain to keep your guests talking after the celebration.

1. Sprinkles!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed.com

Kids. Love. Sprinkles! You can never go wrong with sprinkles. This simple sprinkle cake can be created in a breeze. Use a groovy picture or number stencil and place it in the center of the cake. Add multi-colored sprinkles to fill in the stencil. Remove the stencil, and ta-da! You have a perfect sprinkle cake! Make sure you put sprinkles on the rim and sides of the cake to jazz it up even more! Get the recipe here.

2. Legendary LEGO Cake

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed.com

Who doesn’t LOVE Lego? The legendary LEGO cake can’t get any simpler. For your creative builder, this cake will be his pride and joy. All you need are a few marshmallows, different color frosting, and the cake batter of your choice. The LEGO cake is not only creative, it’s cool! Get the recipe here.

3. Cute Fish Cake

Cute Fish CakePhoto Credit: Buzzfeed.com

With the latest flick ‘Finding Dory’ on the scene, this cute fish cake is perfect for any underwater adventure for your princess or prince (you can change the colors). You will be surprised at how easily cupcakes can come together to form an attention-grasping display of goodness. You can’t go wrong with a cake and cupcakes! Here is the recipe.

4. The Kit-Kat Cake

Kit-Kat CakePhoto Credit: www.oola.com

Candy and cake, what’s not to love! This cake displays craft, fun and yummy goodness. This is the perfect cake for twins or two children celebrating one event. This cake is not as time-consuming as it looks. Easy peasy! the kids are thrilled and mum and dad can relax with a coffee. Here is the recipe.

5. Layered Rainbow Cake

Layered Rainbow CakePhoto Credit: www.todobonito.com

A big time favourite amongst the kids! The layered rainbow cake is not only pretty to look at, but it’s great to eat. With this cake, you can mix and match flavors and give your guests a few different flavors they can savor. It’s almost like inviting Willy Wonka to your party! Here is the recipe.

2. The Entertainment

What’s a party without proper entertainment… boring! Whether you decide to have your party indoors or outdoors, great entertainment is always needed. Activities, including singingface painting, giant bubbles and games are a great way to celebrate. Make sure you hire a professional with adequate experience. When you have fun activities for your party guests, they will never want to go home and will talk about your event for years to come!

3. The Guests

Aside from the entertainment and cake, you need guests to help you celebrate! Whether it is a celebration for adults or children, your guests matter. If you are sending invitations, make sure you send them at least one to two weeks in advance. The more guests who arrive to help you celebrate, the merrier!

There are so many awesome invite ideas out there! check out this one below!

A few helpful tips to put you at ease 🙂 it’s all alright! just breathe and have FUN!

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