Amazing party ideas for your kids birthday!

So it’s that time of year again and you are looking to create a unique experience for your little one’s special day! With so many options out there, it can get a little tricky to decide WHAT to DO! well, here’s some excellent ideas and inspiration for your next amazing party 🙂



As we all know, kids don’t get to spend enough time outdoors nowadays with all these gadgets, phones and iPads taking over the imagination and fun! With a little help and support from fellow parents to watch the young ones and guide them safely, you can have an incredible time in winter by baking damper on sticks and roasting marshmallows!

Teach the kids how to respect their surroundings and each other whilst having an awesome time that may bring back your own childhood memories 🙂 Get the children to share stories and let their fun imaginative minds take over around the fire! This is sure to be a hit! Make sure the kids are watched at all times! Inexpensive and educational.



This is an excellent way to recycle old magazines, fabric, leaves from the garden and other things you may think of! Get the kids to make amazing collages on large paper and have them explain what they have created! Kids LOVE themes and kids LOVE coming up with new ideas! suitable for all ages, this is a really great idea that will keep the kids entertained for hours! Get out the glue, pens and crayons for an incredible time! again, inexpensive and grounding for the kids before they tuck into their birthday treats! which brings me on to the NEXT idea…

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An all time favourite, this is such a cute and classic favourite for ANY birthday! Set up the table with small cupcakes (bought or homemade!), freckles, different colours of icing and let the kids create their own birthday cake! The kids love it! I used to do this with kids in a playgroup setting and it was SO popular. Again, another beautiful idea to make your next kids party extra special. You could even have a competition with the best looking cupcake! again, a wonderful easy and inexpensive idea! brilliant!

Princess of cupcakes

With experience as a playgroup leader and kids workshop facilitator, I have facilitated many amazing activities with boys and girls from the age of 3-13 yrs 🙂 for more info and help, please contact me anytime!

I would also love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Share the love and the laughter!


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