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A new Chapter

So, here we go, the website is finally up and running thanks to Dave at Blucat Systems! This is indeed an exciting time! just over a year ago I decided to draw all my creativity, passion for children and performing under the one hat – kids entertainment! I have many people to thank.

After a couple of big changes in my life, I could barely keep my head above water. It was time to think outside of the box.

I started off with a campaign on Indigogo to help pay for tools and good quality face paint. Jumping straight into it, not really knowing where it would take me, I thought to myself ‘why not’.

I had to change something and take some risks. If it wasn’t for my loved ones, friends and family and the financial support from Indigogo, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Thank you to all the amazing souls who saw something they believed in when they saw my campaign and my vision.

‘The Gesundheit Institute’ – Patch Adams

A while ago I read a book by Patch Adams called ‘The Gesundheit Institute’. The books is about his hospital in America that is all completely volunteer based. It’s a place where anyone can go at any time, without having to pay any fees. Anyone can receive healing and you also have the chance to help and hold space for others in their healing process.

This book inspired me to pick up working with children, however having fun learning with kids has always been present in me, it has become more obvious over the last year, as I have directed my focus, energy and creativity towards performing for children and facilitating workshops for kids, outside of the performance realm.

What I really love about Patch Adams is, besides his radical character and passion to change the medical system and the way we engage with each other is that he has also travelled all over the world with his clown doctors to shed light in some very dark places.

Courage and Clowning

Someone who has the courage to go beyond their own fears for others, in the pursuit of happiness, blows my mind. That’s how I mirror his actions with his clown doctors. What they do is life-changing, it’s challenging to say the least.

I could only imagine the insight one would have while going through a children’s ward in a war-torn country, putting oneself aside to be fully present with other people who are going through some very challenging times. Working as a tea-lady at a hospital, I can personally relate to combining the power of love and light in an environment that needs nurturing and empathy.

I also love how he works with children with special needs. We are all the same. Everyone wants to feel okay with who we are. We all want to feel loved and appreciated. Anyone deserves the right to express themselves in a healthy way. He communicates this through his actions, not so much words. To be able to convey understanding, love and acceptance through actions, is a very magical ability.

The Beginning of Bubbles

Not long after my campaign, a few months into the summer, I received an email from Dr Froth, who I now work with alongside with along with his incredible team of bubbleologists. He found out about me through a friend in Fremantle. It’s been a mind blowing journey ever since. Learning about Dr Froth and his

Learning about Dr Froth and his bubbleosophy, has taken entertainment to a new level for me. Bubbleosophy and bubbles are not only just amazing entertainment for all ages but can be used as therapy and to reinforce mindfulness in a very subtle magical way, that works for both children and adults.

Sensorium Theatre

Now, over a year down the track, and it has gone FAST, I learned about Sensorium Theatre in Perth. When I heard about these guys through a friend, I couldn’t believe this kind of theatre production existed in Perth. It goes to show that there is so much magic to be found when you dig a little deeper under the surface!

We all have the power to influence each other’s lives in a positive, nurturing way. This is what these men and women of Sensorium Theatre do for children with special needs.

For anyone lucky enough to see a show, you will be captivated and re-energized with a magic that’s kindred with childhood. Utilizing the power of our senses, Sensorium takes you on a journey that is not only a powerful visionary delight but a journey that explores taste, touch, sound and smell, touching the hearts and souls of children and adults. This unique theatre group are really changing lives and shifting the energy in such a powerful way and Perth is very lucky to have them here.

Minnawarra House

Currently facilitating and co-facilitating creative workshops for kids and adults at Minnawarra House in Armadale, I feel very blessed to be where I am at this time. Minnawarra House is a beautiful place where both kids and adults can come attend a workshop or meet new friends. A little tranquil gem hidden away in the outskirts of Perth.

There is something for everyone at Minnawarra house and they also run a food bank every Thursday morning. For anyone interested in learning more, please click the link above.

So here I am after just over a year, with a website presenting Betty Bubbles with a long novel above! I look forward to meeting all the special children out there and painting plenty of faces and doing lots of singing and laughing 🙂

Thank you to everyone who supported my vision and has asked me to join theirs. It’s amazing beyond my wildest dreams, thank you.

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— Betty Bubbles

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